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Faith Johnson Arts, Cultural Leader, cultural consultant, and social entrepreneur. Liveryman of The Haberdashers Livery Company. Company contact on behalf of Haberdashers to London College of Fashion.  Founder of Caramel Rock and runs School College Fashion Week and Petra Fashion. Her mission is to empower young people and support people into fashion creating a level playing field for all, addressing diversity in the industry, socially and culturally. Faith is a PhD fellow at the Royal College of Art. Her research is based on fashion and community development in Jamaica.


Faith studied at Central Saint Martins, and developed her career in fashion and the creative industries. Working with organisations such as the V&A, Canary Wharf Group, Rosetta Arts, and government as well as working with faculties and institutions to name a few. Faith has featured on a number of different panels and boards at an executive level in and out of the fashion and creative industry. She has also worked within manufacturing, fashion production, and curation. She has also trained and qualified as a teacher, teaching for over 15 years, and has gone on to support start-ups. 

Faith Johnson is in partnership with Nike, supporting it’s Black Community Commitment.

Addressing systemic racism in America requires urgent action and sustained engagement — and NIKE, Inc. is committed to both. In 2020, Nike, Converse, Jordan Brand, and Michael Jordan committed a combined $140 million over 10 years to invest in and support organizations focused on economic empowerment, education, and social justice to address racial inequality for Black Americans. Our investments will go toward developing strategic national partnerships, as well as supporting local community organizations, and we’ll engage our employees as partners throughout.

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The complete article above is on Nike’s News Website.

Notable Partnership: Paving the Way for Aspiring Talents

I'm delighted to share a significant achievement in my journey. I've forged a remarkable partnership with Fiverr, a global leader in online freelance marketplaces, and the immensely talented Bukayo Saka. As a career milestone, this alliance represents my ongoing dedication to driving diversity and nurturing creativity in the fashion world.

With my role as the founder of a fashion education charity, my commitment to providing opportunities to young and aspiring talents is unwavering. This new collaboration with Fiverr and Bukayo Saka takes that commitment to greater heights. We've come together to strengthen a platform where the unique talents of individuals like you can truly flourish, turning dreams into realities.

This achievement embodies boundless creativity, innovation, and a world of possibilities. I'm excited to bring you inspiring success stories and updates as we embark on this remarkable journey together. I'm deeply grateful for your continued support, and I eagerly anticipate the incredible opportunities that lie ahead.

Westfield X Caramel Rock

Faith Johnson was invited to participate through Caramel Rock with other local businesses at the event ”Future You”. Westfield teamed up with local communities and talent to host a series of amazing careers events, creative arts workshops, and wellbeing activities. Two workshops was delivered by Caramel Rock. One run by Chantelle Johns and one by Oana Balan. The first one, consisted in getting familiar with the concepts like: dart, grain, pattern, hipline, waistline. The participants were introduced to the task and familiarized themselves with the patterns, which they consequently traced and cut  out. 

The second workshop showed them how to thread a sewing machine, and practice their first stitches. In the second part of the task they produced weaving samples by sewing horizontal and vertical straps onto a patch of fabric. 

Faith Johnson at THIIIRD Magazine

Young Black people are more likely to go on to higher education than average in the UK. But, they are also less likely to get high grades, enter ‘prestigious’ universities, end up in a ‘highly-skilled’ job, study further or have career satisfaction. Many organisations are working toward changing these trajectories by offering courses and mentoring schemes, bridging the gap between ability and access for people at different stages in their life.

"We plan to open a garment manufacturing division employing young people."
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Faith Johnson by Balance Live Well

"Throughout the global pandemic we have heard inspiring stories of businesses who have turned their hand to providing support during a time of crisis. I came across Caramel Rock, a fashion and education charity in London, as the founder Faith Johnson was featured on the Instagram of the University of East London (UEL), of which we are both graduates.

At the same time as the pandemic, we have witnessed globally an incredible movement for Black Lives Matter and a shift in momentum of anti-racism work and support. As a black British female business owner, I wanted to chat to Faith about her story and how she is an inspiration for young black women and gives hope to youngsters for their future, in her borough of Newham."

Faith Johnson is working on a Commonwealth Fashion Brief

Faith Johnson is in partnership with the Commonwealth Fashion Council’s Google Art and Culture Platform.

By this platform, she achieves and promotes that Caramel Rock´s students meet with the best sustainable working practices.

Congratulations Suchada Sae-Khow, acknowledged with the Planet Award for your work with Eco-friendly dyes. Matthew Solomon with the People Award for his work with insects, Alessandro Mensitieri with the Hope Award for creating relationships with fabric suppliers so he could create luxury menswear garments using ends of rolls.Diva Stoilova with the Planet Award for her thrifting practices and by saving objects and garments from going to waste and Izra Shafique with the People Award for up-cycling and working with her local community to reuse saris as fabric for new creations and for encouraging people close to her to make more sustainable choices.

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Know more on Google Arts and Culture website by clicking the button below!

Faith Johnson is in a great partnership with The Black Fund! 

Faith Johnson is happy to announce that she has won a grant from the Black Fund. Launched by pop star Leigh-Anne Pinnock and footballer Andre Gray, The Black Fund is here to rally support on their behalf. Here in this video, you could check what is this partnership about and how this grant will help 30 young women to get into and succeed in the fashion world.

Training and job opportunities in the fashion and textile sector

The fact that there are diversity heads and fashion week opportunities for a diverse range of cultures is a great step, but unfortunately not enough. When will talent and quality of product look through a new lens? When will the door be opened to BME participants on a better and greater scale? I have seen first-hand some of the best talent that would never get the chance to trade internationally.

Faith Johnson at Readers Digest

Caramel Rock bridges the gap between students past and future, making it their purpose to illustrate that no matter your roots, you can grow and flourish into this highly competitive industry. We have been fortunate enough to receive a number of opportunities in the industry where high-level brands are trying to reach a network of young people who may not have had the same opportunities as others, and we are proud to have a great network of young talent who we can support with that. 

UKFT Hosts Faith Johnson's Empowering Discussion on Women's Courage in Business at International Women’s Day 2024
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“It is critical in this day and age to strive and persist in the face of adversity. It is a challenge to adapt and adjust during times of crises. As a society we have had to endure Covid as well as our cost-of-living crises, and with all adversity that life may present it is important to pivot and adapt no matter how hard it may be.  

The industry is changing and the society we live in is changing and it is important to persevere no matter how hard it may be. As a society, those from diverse backgrounds or women in business may not always have the best chances of success but it is crucial to never take no for an answer as there is always a way if you believe in yourself.” 

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